Porcelain Onlays / Inlays

Serving Cherry Creek and Denver, Colorado

Porcelain inlays and onlays are a step up from the traditional tooth colored fillings made out of composite.
A dental inlay or onlay are fillings that are made out of the mouth and bonded in the mouth.
These fillings can also allow us to just replace a cusp of a tooth, allowing for more natural tooth structure to be saved. 
While these fillings were once made at a dental lab, we can now make them in our office using Cerec CAD CAM technology.
Onlays and Inlays can last about 2 -3 times longer than traditional tooth colored fillings.

What is the difference between a dental onlay and an inlay?

A inlay lays between the teeth cusp, inside the tooth.

Dental Inlay

A onlay extends outside the tooth. 

Dental Onlay