Going Green


Serving Cherry Creek and Denver, Colorado

Ascent Dental is environmentally conscious. We would also like more ideas on how we can become even more green!

  1. Mercury Filter – When you suck up old metal fillings, the mercury gets filtered before going into the sewage system. Historically,  dentist have been blamed for high levels of mercury in runoff water systems. We keep the mercury out of the environment.
  2. Digital X-rays– Digital X-rays do not require chemicals to develop them as do traditional x-rays. This helps save the environment from not having all the developing chemicals dumped back into the environment.
  3. Digital charting – We use digital charting. We have very little paperwork in our practice. The paper we have in our practice goes on to become scratch paper.
  4. Water – While we do have some water bottles, we also have a water cooler, and recommend our patients bring their own container.
  5.  Electricity – Computers, Monitors, Lights, etc. are shut down and turned off every night. We realize the value of saving and conserving energy. We also use long lasting light bulbs.

If you have any other ideas on how we can be greener, please share!

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