Technology (Digital X-Rays, TV’s, message chairs etc.)

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At Ascent Dental, we invest in technology so you can receive the best treatment. Technology is never a substitute for the quality training of a skilled dentist, but the right tool in the hands of the right dentist can make all the difference in your treatment. Here are a few of the dental technologies we utilize in your dental treatment.

CEREC Crowns, Veneers, Inlays, Onlay in a Day

CEREC crowns in a day is an advanced technology that allows us to craft custom all-ceramic crowns while you wait. The actual manufacture of the crown takes about 15 minutes, and when you add in preparation and designing the restoration, you may be able to get your crown in a single visit of about two hours or less.
miling    milling unit

Custom Shading and Glazing on porcelain surfaces

We offer in-office custom shade matching on crowns and porcelain veneers, allowing us to achieve to total shade match.
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Digital Charts

Digital charting allows us to more easily, accurately, and quickly keep track of all your dental records. It allows our office to keep up with all your information without the need for passing around paper charts that can get damaged or may be unreadable with time or bad handwriting. We also have offsite back up.
dentrix  chart     dentrix

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are advantageous for you because they are faster, lower-dose, and have higher resolution. Digital x-rays allow the results to show up on the screen almost immediately without waiting for dental films to develop. They also do not need the same amount of radiation that traditional x-ray films need. And digital x-rays have higher resolution than traditional films, which may help us identify problems sooner.
4 CBCT-pic-300x267


Intraoral and Extraoral Photography

Intraoral photography gives you the chance to see your mouth as we see it. When we take pictures of dental problem areas, you can see what is going on and can participate in decision-making about how to resolve them.

Extraoral photography of your teeth and mouth can help with planning cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic treatments.  And it helps you to see how far you’ve come, which can give you extra confidence in your great results.

NikonSarasota-Dental-PhotographyIntra Oralo


Velscope is an oral cancer screening tool. As with all cancers, the main treatment obstacle with oral cancer is early detection. The earlier we can detect it, the better your prognosis is likely to be.

velscope_vantage_uoch   velscope_images

Diagnodent Pen

The Diagnodent pen is a laser diagnostic tool. It uses light to accurately assess the thickness of your dental enamel or the depth of hollows in your tooth. It increases the accuracy of early cavity detection to 90%, allowing us to treat cavities earlier and preserve more of your natural tooth enamel.

diagnodent_pen     diagnodent

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Scaling

This ultrasonic cleaning tool uses intense pulse vibrations to loosen tartar deposits. This makes it easier to clean them with the metal instruments that are traditionally used. Less metal scraping can make for a more positive and more comfortable cleaning experience.

Electric Drills

Most dental offices use pneumatic (air-driven) drills. The sound of these drills contributes to the anxiety some people fear during their dental appointment. Electric drills are quieter and can be adjusted to give a more comfortable experience.

Magnification and LED Lighting

Dr. Jeff Johnston uses magnification and extra task lighting in performing his dental procedures. It helps him to see the smallest details in your mouth. It is the standard of care for brain surgeons, and soon it will be the standard of care for dentists in the future.


Patient Education Software

Patient education is an essential part of helping you make informed decisions about the care you receive. Our education software helps us show you exactly what is going on in your mouth and what the procedure you are considering is designed to achieve.


Laser Dentistry

At Ascent Dental, we use lasers for both soft tissue and hard tissue treatments. This means we may not have to use a drill at all when removing decay from your teeth. It also means that our laser can be used to sterilize bacteria pockets during periodontal and endodontic treatments. For many people, the laser is much more comfortable than other treatment options.

Mercury Filter

Our office uses a mercury filter to purify mercury from our vacuum lines to prevent it from going into the city wastewater system. This is not a state requirement, it is something we do to be responsible stewards of our community and our environment.

Water Filters

We filter our public water lines before we use it in your treatment. This is for your health and safety.
Water Filter

Cable TV in our Treatment Rooms!

We have a wide array of programming available in all our treatment rooms, including TV episodes of your favorite programs.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits these technologies give, please contact Ascent Dental today to schedule a consultation at our Cherry Creek office.

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