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Phil from Thornton, CO“For many people, being in a dentist chair is not one of their favorite places to be, however dental health is as important as a healthy diet and exercise. Unfortunately, I’m one person who has suffered tremendously over the years due to a number of traumatic experiences as a child in the dentist chair. So I have a tendency to be extremely nervous and hesitant when visiting the dentist.

My experience at Ascent Dental was unlike any other. The Ascent Dental Team took the time to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. Dr Johnston’s assistant listened to my concerns and reassured me that my experience at Ascent Dental would change any negative perceptions I may have about visiting the dentist. She couldn’t have been more right! In fact, I nearly fell asleep in the dental chair I was so comfortable and relaxed!

What I liked most about Dr. Johnston was that he was gentle and informative. He thoroughly explained what dental work was needed and provided a professional opinion about where we should start and what we should do next. It was like I was planning my own dental experience rather than being forced to do things I didn’t need or didn’t want to do. We worked together as a team to design my personal dental plan!

Once we decided our next steps, Dr. Johnston explained the entire procedure to me before we started and continued to provide updates along the way. You could sense his genuine concern to reduce my nervousness by making this experience a positive one. He was very gentle and did a great job. It seemed like we finished in just minutes. I now understand the meaning of “elevating your dental experience”!  Phil (Thorton, Colorado)

Lisa from Denver, CO



Dr. Johnston is a great dentist, he is very patient and thorough, I am always happy with his work.
– Lisa (Denver, Colorado)




David-Knowling-testimonialI had my first appointment with Dr. Johnston at Ascent Dental in Cherry Creek, I was greeted by Dr Johnston himself and a beautiful office. The office is modern, cutting edge technology with Massage Chairs, In-Chair DVD Entertainment, Noise canceling headphones, and even a blanket for comfort. Wow, who knew going to the dentist could be entertainment? This is a family dental care in a spa-like relaxed setting.

Dr. Johnston was wonderful and explained everything he was doing. After x-rays and an exam he went on to do a detailed teeth cleaning. He discussed everything he was doing and how it would benefit me long term. He explained what materials he would be using, procedures and timing. He even adds humor to his work, which is a welcome change to most dentists I have previously seen. I am use to going to a corporate dentist where you are a number, not a guest, so the guest service was appreciated!

After looking at my situation, he took me to the consult room to give me three options for treatment that related to my insurance benefits.

As strongly recommended, I went for the ideal treatment, but I was relieved to know that he wasn’t soaking my insurance company for services not necessary. He also was able to meet my financial needs. It is nice to know one has choices! When I went to check out and pay what I would expect to be a hefty bill, the office manager already looked up my dental insurance and knew exactly what percentage of my cost I had to pay, impressive to say the least.

If you are looking for a great dentist in town, I have found him for you. You might actually look forward to your next trip to the dentist. I can’t wait for my next appointment. – David (Denver, Colorado)

jotemmer-testimonialI am a contractor that has built  hundreds of dental offices in Denver and the surrounding areas, I know and have been too many different dentist. I was also the construction project manager for Dr. Johnston and this office.  After getting to know him throughout our project, I realized what a caring guy he was. He offered, so I decided to let him clean my teeth one day and I have never found a dentist that has such gentle hands as Dr. Johnston. He is so cautious about my comfort. He now treats my family and my other friends I have referred to him. – Jo (Denver, Colorado)

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Best dentist I have ever been too. It was painless and quick and talked me through the whole process. -Shawn (Lakewood, Colorado)

The state-of-the-art equipment, amenities & beautiful office made my visit a pleasant one! I will recommend Ascent Dental to
everyone…including my family! Victor (Arvada, Colorado)

I avoiding going to the dentists for over seven years due to poor experiences with other dental offices. I met the Doctor at a Glendale Chamber event and started to wonder what was going on with my teeth. So, I mustered up the courage to make it through what normally would had been a grueling and horrible experience. But, this was not the case with Ascent Dental Group. It was a pleasant experience and even surprising as the Doctor and Hygienist sat down with me and explained what was going on in my mouth and what to do about it now and in the future for prevention. I was put at ease knowing that my next dental experience will be a great one with Ascent Dental Group! – Elizabeth (Cherry Creek / Denver, Colorado)

We relocated from TX and a dental practice that we used for 20 years. So Dr. Johnston’s office was a welcome find – he is understanding, compasionate and very knowledgeable. They have the latest technology to help us maintain good dental health. We are totally satisfied! – Cheryl  (Denver, Colorado)

This is a state of the art facility complete with flat screen TV’s both in the waiting room and in the chair where you can watch TV or a movie. The massaging feature of the chairs helps to relax and comfort patients. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. – Ricci (Denver, Colorado)

This was one of the most pleasant dental appointments I’ve ever had. The wait was less than 5 min., I saw Dr. Johnston right away, and the procedure was quick and painless (I had 3 cavities filled). The entire appointment took less than 30 min., yet I did not feel that it was rushed. Dr. Johnston and his staff still took the time to make sure that I was comfortable, and that all my questions were answered. I’m still new to this office, but am already impressed by the friendly, competent staff and the level of attention paid to my comfort the quality of my experience. – Liz (Denver, Colorado)

I could not be more happy with the exceptional dental care I received at Ascent Dental….I only wish I had found your practice years ago! – Denise (Aurora, Colorado)

I am new to Colorado and finding a good dentist is always tough. I was very excited to find Dr. Johnston and he will remain my new dentist as long as I am in Colorado. I would highly recommend him to anyone. – Lisa (Fort Collins, Colorado)

Dr Johnston has done so many things to make taking care of my teeth a painless and affordable process. I understand from my own research that good dental hygiene is an extremely important part of my overall good health, so I feel quite fortunate I was able to find them. – Rose  (Stapelton, Colorado)

Dr. Johnston is the most gentle dentist. He is very professional and caring and I refer all my friends to him! – Jon (Denver, Colorado)

I hate going to the dentist but this was awesome. I watched The Office as the hygienist cleaned my teeth. No pain or discomfort and friendly staff.
– Arif (Thornton, CO)

Had a great visit to Ascent. I had a wisdom tooth pulled and a crown. The crown was made in house and looks great! With the help of the massaging chair and streaming netflix, the time flew by with no discomfort. The doctor was fast and attentive as always. – Will (Denver, CO)

Had my teeth cleaned at Ascent Dental this AM and have smiled all day. Whether it is Dr. Johnson or his hygenist, both are very Caring, gentle, and professional. – Barbara (Denver, CO)

ALL of my experiences have been stellar. I have had a fair amount of work done to save teeth due to gum disease. I have not been in any pain ever and was given a great plan to move forward. I now have healthy gums and I am on a standard maintennace plan. This team saved my teeth and helped me work on a daily plan to reign in gum disease. I am so very pleased with all the results. I highly recommend this team. – Kathleen (Denver, CO)

I love Ascent Dental! Everyone in the office is always very welcoming and kind. Mr. Johnson and his girls are very careful, considerate and good at what they do. They always say what is going to happen and what they are going to do before the work is done, I appreciate that. I like to know so I’m ready. I couldn’t ask for a better dentist, especially one who can work with my busy schedule. Thank you very much!!! – Cain (Denver, CO)

I was seen by the hygienist within 5 minutes of my scheduled appointment. Nobody tried to sell me any unnecessary dental work, the office has the newest technology and a TV to watch while you are getting your teeth cleaned. Everyone was very friendly. I would highly recommend this practice! – Nichole (Denver, CO)

I loved Ascent Dental Group. They are very fair and have a nice place in Cherry Creek. You can watch TV to help quicken the dental process. The staff was fantastic and informative. I recommend this place to anyone. -Vahid (Eagle, CO)

I am not a fan of going to the dentist. It hardly ever turns out to be a pleasant experience and ends up cost a small fortune. Well I can assure you, this isn’t the case at Ascent Dental!
Why they are a top notch dental office:
-The office is very comfortable and clean. It doesn’t have that normal stale dental office feeling.
-The office staff is very friendly and VERY knowledgeable. They didn’t rush me with my questions; they took time to explain the options and what was going on. I felt like they truly cared.
-The equipment within the office is all high tech and seemed top of the line.
-I didn’t have to ask for them to use the sound blocking earphones when I returned to get my cavities fixed. This proved to me that they had listened to my anxiety issues from my checkup.
-The dental tech was very professional, personable, and knowledgeable. She took the time to tell me what was going on, the benefits to the treatments I was receiving, and overall was just nice.
-The dentist seemed very honest and straight forward. He told me what he was doing, what tools he was using, and got the job done efficiently. He was very honest with me and addressed all my questions and concerns.
All-in-all, I had a great experience at this office. I would highly recommend Dr. Johnston. It takes a lot to impress me, and I have been impressed.
– Megan (Denver, CO)

Hadn’t been to the dentist in ages. Dr. Johnston and his entire staff are fantastic. Cleaning (which my neglect had made more of a chore than it should have been) was a snap. Wisdom tooth removal? No problem. Insurance matters? Explained thoroughly and squared away with no problems. Communication? Great. Working through your fears and concerns? Piece of cake. As long as I’m living in the Denver area, this is my dentist. -Robert (Lakewood, CO)

I was expecting some pain since I had many cavities to be filled. Since they were relatively shallow, they were quick to drill and fill. The one tooth where I did need novocaine wasn’t even bad since numbing gel was applied to my gums before the injection. Upon looking at my teeth when I got home, the fillings are very hard to notice! My teeth look even better now than they did before the fillings, which I also didn’t expect. They also took lots of time to even out my bite and it feels perfect. All in all this visit has exceeded my expectations. – Rhiannon (Denver, CO)

Very clean and friendly enviroment. Always feel well taken care of. – Sarah (Denver, CO)

I had to have a lot of work done (3 crowns) and was panicked about going and sitting in a chair for 3+ hours. I was so comfortable and had a flat screen TV right above me (and I controlled the remote) to keep me entertained. The technology that Dr.Johnston uses is amazing. The crowns are actually made right there in the office and are computer generated.
I scheduled my appointment online and the response time was quick and professional. Taylor, who runs the front office is very user friendly and really makes you feel comfortable.
I have always had a HUGE fear of Dentists but finding this practice and the experience I just had has changed that. I will not be so slow in making my next appointment! – Deborah (Denver, CO)

Very efficient, organized dentist, the best I’ve ever seen, from the front desk staff to the electronic equipment in the dentist chair for viewing one’s own mouth. Incredible! Dr. Jeff Johnston is on top of his game. Thanks a lot! – Scott (Dillon, CO)

Fast, easy, painless…that’s how I like it. Crown in 2 hrs… -Danielle (Denver, CO)

This was a first rate practice. Very professional. I will continue to use them for my dental needs.- Randall (Denver, CO)

I have severe anxiety about the dentist – for cleanings and fillings. Dr. Johnston was amazing. I had a great cleaning and easy filling. He really respected my fear of the dentist and made it totally manageable!
I never want to use another dentist! I will go back to Dr. Johnston every 6 months! -Emily (Denver, CO)

I avoiding going to the dentists for over seven years due to poor experiences with other dental offices. I met the Doctor at a Glendale Chamber event and started to wonder what was going on with my teeth. So, I mustered up the courage to make it through what normally would had been a grueling and horrible experience. But, this was not the case with Ascent Dental Group. It was a pleasant experience and even surprising as the Doctor and Hygienist sat down with me and explained what was going on in my mouth and what to do about it now and in the future for prevention. I was put at ease knowing that my next dental experience will be a great one with Ascent Dental Group! – Elizabeth (Aurora, CO)

I really like the office it is equipped with high tech machines. Went in for a crown and as much as I was not looking forward to it the experience was better than past experiences with other dentists.- Nancy  (Denver, CO)

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