Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening


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Because teeth whitening is in high demand, you see teeth whitening offered everywhere. From over-the-counter tooth whitening treatments to teeth whitening booths in the mall, everyone thinks they know how to whiten your teeth. But tooth whitening is a dental procedure, and you should talk to a dentist if you want to get the best teeth whitening procedure.





Professional Teeth Whitening Is More Effective

Teeth whitening is more effective when performed by a dentist. Here is why:

  • The whitening compound used by dentists is stronger than over-the-counter compounds
  • Over-the-counter whitening solutions often fit poorly, especially the whitening trays. Poorly fitting trays:
    • May whiten unevenly
    • Stop whitening within minutes—saliva dissolves whitening compounds
  • Whitening strips only affect part of your smile—when you smile wide, the unwhitened portion may show
  • Dentists can sometimes custom-select a formulation designed to target the type of stain you are attempting to remove.

This means you get better, more consistent, and more predictable results when you work with a cosmetic dentist for your tooth whitening.

Professional Teeth Whitening Is Safer

Professional teeth whitening is also generally safer for your teeth, because:

  • Dentists use only ADA-approved whitening compounds
  • Whether you are using in-office or at-home whitening your application is designed to keep whitening compounds away from the gums, which can become irritated
  • Whitening compounds used by dentists are specially formulated to reduce tooth sensitivity, and we can offer different formulations if you are experiencing sensitivity

Overall, professional whitening is better for your appearance and your teeth than over-the-counter whitening treatments or those offered by non-dentists.

At Ascent Dental, we think we our Cherry Creek cosmetic dentistry practice is the best place to get your teeth whitened, but whether you work with us or not, please only get tooth whitening performed by a dentist.

To talk to Denver cosmetic dentist Dr. Jeff Johnston, please schedule a consultation at our Cherry Creek area office today.

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