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Daily, we get calls asking pricing on different dental procedures. We would love to tell you the cost of a filling, but unfortunately the question is not enough information for us to give you an accurate cost.

Why isn't this enough infomation for us?

Procedures in dentistry are charged out accordiing to the ADA's CDT (Current Dental Terminology)  codes. There are hundreds of CDT codes that describe a specific dental procedure. It can get really complicated. (Throw in an individuals unique insurance plan, it gets extremely complicated.)  Due to the rules and regulations of our state, every procedure performed must be associated with one of these codes. Fillings for example are charged out by surface, there are up to 5 different surfaces on each tooth. Every surface of filling is a different code and price. There are also different filling materials that can be used, giving us more codes and different pricing.

Click here to view a complete list of CDT codes.

Many insurance companies and discount plans will give you this list and expect you to know the terminology. We don't expect you to know this, rather we just want to let you know what your situation is, what is needed to fix it and how much it will be.

The best way to give you a price for the work is to see your problem
(Just as a contractor gives you a price after coming out, measuring and looking at the job.)

We will be glad to give you a FREE tooth specific exam rather than trying to give you an accurate price over the phone.

Our non insurance prices at Ascent Dental are very competitive with other dentist in our area including large corporate dental offices whom are regarded as being low cost.

If you have insurance, and go to an in-network dental office such as ours,  know that the price will be the same at every area  Denver dental office. There is no difference in price using in-network dental insurance at our office from any other office in town, these are prices that are set by the insurance company.

If you are going to compare dental services and offices, know that all dentistry is not apples to apples. All Dentist use different techniques, materials, equipment, laps, buisness practices, research,  ect.   Dentistry is a evidence based science that continues to evolve daily. If you find a price that is severely lower than most others, what are they doing to cut the cost? Will this be worth it to you in the long run?

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