Savings Plan

Ascent Dental Savings Plan

Taking good care of your teeth and gums is just as important as taking good care of any other part of your body such as your heart, lungs and other vital organs. So, it’s crucial to find a dentist you trust and like and have your oral health monitored at least twice a year. Ascent Dental in Cherry Creek is committed to ensuring our patients receive the dental care they need to keep their teeth, gums and surrounding areas in good health. If you have neglected your oral health due to financial issues, you need not put off taking care of your oral health and well being another day. Ascent Dental offers a variety of ways to pay for dental care that families need to avoid major dental problems down the road like tooth and gum decay, deterioration of jaw bone, and much more serious issues like mouth, throat and esophageal cancer. Ascent Dental has created a Dental Savings Discount Plan to help patients who don’t have dental insurance get the dental care they need. The Ascent Dental Savings Discount Plan was created to provide easier access to high-quality, affordable dental care, so if you had dental coverage and lost it for some reason due to a job change, divorce, or if you have never had dental coverage, the plan at Ascent Dental may be perfect for you. If you currently do have a dental plan but are not thrilled with it, please read further to learn more about our plan to see if it will meet your needs and allow you to receive the expert dental care you and your family needs and deserves.

At this time, approximately fifty percent of our patients have no dental coverage, so this alternative to traditional dental insurance allows our cash patients to get their routine cleanings at a reduced yearly cost. Our plan is suited more for those patients who stay current with their appointments and use their dental insurance mainly for routine cleanings and check-ups. This plan focuses on preventative care to help avoid major dental problems that require lengthy, complicated treatment that can be somewhat costly.
In addition saving you money, our plan has other benefits including:

  •  No yearly maximums
  •  No deductibles
  •  No claim forms
  •  No pre-authorization requirements
  •  No pre-existing conditions limitations
  •  Immediate eligibility
  •  Discounts on all in-office treatment procedures
  •  Bi-annual membership fee with payments being available

To learn more about how to save money on the dental care you need and how to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity available now at Ascent Dental, please read more about the Ascent Dental Savings Plan right here on our website. Here you will find the differences between our Dental Savings Plan and traditional dental insurance, and you’ll also see which services are covered and at the percentage of discount members will receive.

If you have any questions about Ascent Dental’s Dental Savings Plan please don’t hesitate to contact our office, and one of our staff members will answer your questions and explain anything that may not clear to you regarding the dental savings plan.

Type of Plan Traditional Dental Insurance Avg Ascent Dental Savings Plan
Single $750 per year $495 per Year
Couple Two $1300 per Year $945 per Year
Family (up to five people) $2300+ per Year $1700 per Year
Additional Family Members $295 per Year
Preventative and Diagnostic Treatment Discount on Ascent Dental UCR Fee’s
1st Time Oral Exam (Initial visit) 100%
Routine Oral Exam 2 per 12 months 100%
Limited Oral Exam 1 per 12 months 100%
Full Month Series X-rays 1 per 3 years 100%
Cavity Detecting X-rays (BWX) 1 per year 100%
Individual x-rays (PA’S) 4 per year 100%
Healthy Routine Child Cleaning 2 per 12 months 100%
Healthy Adult Cleaning 2 per 12 months (periodontal maintenance not included.) 100%
Sealants 1 per 2 years Children under the age of 18 years old. 100%
Oral Cancer Screening (Velscope) 100%
Consultation 100%
Intraoral photos 100%
Fluoride (Adult over 18 yrs) 2 per year 100%
Fluoride Child (under 18 yrs) 2 per year 100%
Dental Treatment Discount on Ascent Dental UCR Fee’s
Fillings (White Composite) 25%
Oral surgery (Extractions) 25%
Endodontics (Root Canals) 25%
Periodontics (Scaling & Root Planning, Periodontal treatments, Periodontal Maintenance) 25%
Major Restorative

• Crowns

• Bridges

• Inlays

• Onlays

• Implant Crowns


Major Restorative (Replacement removable)

• Dentures

• Partials

• Relines

• Adjustments

Major Restorative(Implants) 25%
Occlusal Guard (Night Guard) 25%
Whitening 25%