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Dental Bonding and Chipped Tooth Repair

Dental bonding is a good solution for chipped, gapped, or misshapen teeth. Dental bonding uses the same composite resin material used in making tooth-colored fillings to reshape your teeth. Unlike some other tooth restorations, dental bonding can be completed in one easy visit to our Cherry Creek, Denver dental office.

How Tooth Bonding Works

The bonding material is a composite resin that begins as a putty. It is composed of plastic infused with glass or ceramic to increase its strength and add luster more similar to your dental enamel. It can be used for these dental problems:

  • Dental fillings
  • Chipped tooth repair
  • Tooth reshaping
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Tooth flaws

The dental bonding procedure is simple. When you come into our Cherry Creek, Denver dental office, we begin by evaluating if dental bonding is the best solution for you. If so, then we will roughen the area where the procedure will be applied.

The putty is then applied and shaped to give the desired result. This may take several layers of application. After it is applied, a curing light is applied to the dental bonding, which causes it to harden.

Once the bonding is hardened, it will be polished to better match your natural tooth enamel.

Advantages of Tooth Bonding

Dental bonding has several advantages:

  • It is flexible and can be applied in almost any place on your teeth
  • The procedure can be completed in one short dental visit
  • It can be color matched to your natural tooth to give a good cosmetic result
  • The cost of dental bonding is generally less than for other treatments

This makes for a good option for some dental problems.

Disadvantages of Dental Bonding

This procedure is not always the best solution to your dental problems, however. Its disadvantages include:

  • It is not as strong as other dental restorations and often has a short expected life
  • It is not as aesthetic as other dental restorations
  • Results are highly dependent on the skill of your dentist

For these reasons, some people opt for porcelain restorations such as porcelain veneers or porcelain inlays or onlays for treatment of these dental problems.

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To learn more about your options for fixing dental problems such as a chipped tooth repair and teeth whitening please contact the Cherry Creek, Denver dental office of Ascent Dental today for your teeth bonding needs.